By: Paul Brown, Managing Partner – Brown Advisor When a business is co-owned, there is a risk to the company, partners and stakeholders if one of the owners dies or becomes disabled. Here’s what can happen. Bill and Richard were partners in a construction business. When Bill died of a […] Read more »

Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

Aligning Business Practices with Strategic Thought Paul Brown, Principal at Brown Advisors A few years ago I received a call from the Marketing Director of growing investment firm. At the end of our conversation he made what was then – and remains – a troubling comment. “I just heard that […] Read more »

Turning Managers Into Owners: Reducing the Risks of an Employee Buy-Out

By Paul Brown, BROWN Advisors Here’s one of the “dirty little secrets” of selling a business: In most cases the owner will not be able to find a buyer.  In my seminar on business succession implementation I remind participants of the “35-20-7” rule in which only 35% of all companies […] Read more »

The Courage to Do Things Right

By Paul R. Brown, M.A. Principal, Brown Advisory In my experience, one of the most misunderstood barriers to implementing a succession strategy is the lack of courage. That may sound surprising since most owners of successful companies needed a great deal of courage when starting and growing their business. However, when […] Read more »

A Terrible Strategy to Change Your Organization

Paul R. Brown, Managing Principal – Brown Advisors LLC Over the years I’ve helped restructure the operations and business development practices of a number of financial advisory and other professional service firms. Though I’ve not read it, I’m starting to believe there is a secret manual on terrible […] Read more »

The Hidden Costs of the Neglected Plan:

Five Reasons to Start, Finish & Implement Your Business Succession Plan The recent surveys are alarming. First the obvious: we are getting older. I know this may be hard to accept; particularly after investing in gold chains, silk jackets, hair plugs, nips and tucks. And that’s just me. But with […] Read more »

True to Yourself

A friend of mine recently left his job to join a start-up firm in another state. After a series of broken promises, bounced checks and flagrant lies he reached out to see if I knew anyone hiring someone with his business development skills and experience. We talked, and I considered […] Read more »

Finishing or Finishing Well?

Finishing or Finishing Well? Is Your Business Ready to Support Your Transition?  Paul R. Brown, Principal – BROWN Advisors LLC  For several years we’ve worked closely with owners as they put together their business transition plans. During this time we’ve observed some interesting – and consistent – trends, most of which […] Read more »

An Inconvenient Change

I received an order to “cease and desist.” My first. Initially I thought there had been a mistake. The notice came via FedEx. The sender was from New York. I had to read through the legalese a few times before I realized that an investment firm in New York city […] Read more »

Capturing Windmills: Maintaining Balance

We’ve been meeting monthly. After setting the overall strategy for their award winning winery, the managers are carefully planning their activities, making certain they are aligned with and supportive of the larger objectives. The winery is growing. And like all growing businesses, could easily lose its balance, essentially sacrificing the […] Read more »

Phase One: The Big Idea

(NOTE: This is the second in a series of blogs about the five phases every start-up must go through on the way to becoming a successful enterprise.) I won’t say that starting a physical rehabilitative clinic like ours was the most irrational business venture that I’ve pursued. The most irrational took […] Read more »