Market Capture


Here’s a startling fact: only one out of every ten new technologies introduced to the market end up supporting a profitable business. Put another way, the effort fail nine times out of ten.

The number one reason a new initiative fails is the same reason behind most struggling companies: they do not have enough customers.

With BROWN ADVISORS’s Market Capture Process, clients are guided through four well-defined and readily measured steps: Discovery, Proof, Capture and Support.

Our process first identifies the likely customers for our client’s product or service. Through a series of interviews, modeling, adjustments and refinements we create a provable (step two) model for reaching them. With a proven process, we expand our efforts to reaching a larger segment of the market (step three) and build the support the business needs (step four) to maintain and build upon our success.

This entire process is built upon the strength of what we learn about your current and targeted customers. Ideally, we work closely with the product development cycle to ensure the alignment of the new product or service and its targeted market.


The Customer Development Process is a strategic, rather than a tactical approach to sales and marketing. We help identify then capture strategic customers—those who bring value beyond the money they spend. After this we replicate the entire process —from creating  value proposition to closing the sale—before turning the methodology over to the client’s internal sales and  marketing team. Our goal is to move clients from having a market presence to becoming the market leader.