Early Stage Consulting



Studies show that only one of ten new products introduced into the market result in a profitable business. Whether the product or service is launched by a large company (with its sizable resources) or a brand new start-up, the efforts to introduce something new will fail nine times out of every ten.

BROWN ADVISORS works with patent attorneys and owners of newly licensed technologies and products to build successful companies and business ventures beginning from the earliest stages of their business development.

While each product and engagement is unique, typical Early Stage work includes:


After first identifying the type of business that best supports the owner’s objectives, we design and execute an appropriate business model that will serve as a guide for the new enterprise.


We design and execute a proven Customer (Client) Development that greatly improves the likelihood of success. In this process we:

  • Discover the most likely markets (customers) needed to drive the business
  • Create a reproducible customer acquisition (sales) model and road-map
  • Drive demand through focused strategies developed during the discovery process
  • Integrate support teams throughout the enterprise as needed to maintain and grow sales

INTERIM MANAGEMENT: Provide limited yet appropriate management necessary to launch the business while meeting the requirements of lenders, investors and other sources of capital.

FINANCIAL MODELING: Create, follow and adapt (as needed) the financial business model necessary for short-term and long-term success.