Interim Management


Running a business can be a challenge; regardless of its size. Just as a large corporation needs to perform well in order to provide returns for its investors, so also do privately or family owned businesses. When key skills are missing from the executive management team a company will lose its ability to compete or grow while suffering financially.

BROWN ADVISORS provides management solutions for companies, or parts of companies on an interim basis, focusing especially on growth, transition and change issues critically and strategicially important to the business. When engaged, we accept full executive responsibility for delivering agreed upon results (outcomes) necessary to solve most operational and business challenges. “Accepting responsibility for results” is a key differentiator, setting us apart from others.

Whether for two months or two years, on a full or part-time basis, BROWN ADVISORS’s Interim Management brings the skills and experience to implement new initiatives, develop new strategies for growth, carry out organizational or cultural change, manage complex projects, or fill business-critical roles currently vacant. Our interim management professionals deliver rapid results, and help clients meet a number of measurable objectives including:

  • Funding
    • Positioning the business for capital raises (equity investors)
    • Restructuring the business to obtain and manage debt
    • Diversification strategies to fund future growth
    • Funding targeted acquisition
  • Growth
    • Market capture strategy and execution leading to embedded processes
    • Turnaround and repositioning for sustainable profits and growth
    • Scalable and sytemic Customer/Client Centered Business Process Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • New business start-ups
    • Acquisition assessment and negotiation
    • Post-merger integration
  • Management emergencies


Example 1 – Interim COO: The rapid and considerable growth of this successful financial services firm had slowed. Upon review we recognized considerable limitations resulting from its corporate structure and organizational capabilities. Areas critical to the firm’s success were weak or non-existent. Employees had great enthusiasm but little focus. The compensation program had evolved over time and did not directly support the firm’s goals. Customer care was lacking. Processes and systems were incomplete, unnecessary or redundant. The past success of the firm had become a hindrance to its continued growth.

Working with the CEO we identified and communicated a clearly defined course of action that began with a commitment to improve client relations while streamlining customer-centric processes. We then leveraged the priority given to clients to create an organization that was personable, accountable and scalable.  This resulted in a large number of referrals leading to more customers. The scalable business model allowed the firm to expand naturally in order to the expectations of its growing client base. The growth produced an increase in revenues and the efficient processes brought increase profits. The rate of growth and net profit margins exceeded expectations.

During the course of the project we were onsite weekly, ensuring that the work was effectively implemented throughout the firm’s operations. This was supported by a system wide and systemic emphasis on training and a performance based compensation program.

Example 2 – Start-up Leadership: The newly formed business had recently patented a new technology and was seeking outside investments. However the current leadership – though technically brilliant – did not have the management experience equity investors required. After recruiting a team of experienced leaders we put together the materials needed to complete a successful capital raise.